grades 6–12

Youth Ministry at Grantham Church

We believe in Youth Ministry!

It is our intention to take students deep and wide by KNOWING God through a personal relationship, helping them OWN their faith through a holistic-discipleship process, and challenge them to make their faith KNOWN to their friends and on their school campuses.

Grow with us at Grantham Church
Grow with us at Grantham Church

Leadership opportunities are available for teens during the worship service to help oversee the leadership of children pre-K to 5th grade.

Various trips, activities and service projects are planned throughout the year, capped off with a missions trip each summer.

Learning Community
Learning Community

SUNDAYS @ 9AM-10AM | C15 (Youth Room)

Carrie Harshberger will lead the youth through The Jesus Creed for Students by Scot McKnight.  This is a book about what it means to live a life now before God; it is about the revolutionary vision Jesus has for this world.  It’s getting back to the basics, because sometimes starting all over again leads us to think we’ve never been there before.  Each morning will begin with Worship and end with a snack.

Youth Group
Youth Group

SUNDAYS @ 6PM–8PM | C15 (Youth Room)

Youth will explore what we believe, why we believe it and why God calls us to communicate the Bible’s truths.  Using J Warner Wallace’s Forensic Faithcurriculum, facilitated by Tom George, youth will engage and learn to prepare to present the most important case of their lives; they will be prepared to become better “Christian Case Makers”.  This study is 8 weeks long, allowing plenty of time for extra activities like Campfire Worship nights, Trunk or Treat and Holiday parties.  Each evening will begin with Worship and end with snacks and games.

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