grades 6–12

Youth Ministry at Grantham Church

We believe in Youth Ministry!

It is our intention to take students deep and wide by KNOWING God through a personal relationship, helping them OWN their faith through a holistic-discipleship process, and challenge them to make their faith KNOWN to their friends and on their school campuses.


“Doors” will be the overall theme in Youth Ministry this year. Throughout the Bible we see many doors…some opened, some closed, many representing new opportunities, salvation, The Way…

SUNDAYS @ 9AM-10AM in C15 (Youth Room)

In Sunday morning Learning Community, we will focus on the sin crouching at the door and how we can be offensively prepared for spiritual warfare, as well as opening the doors of communication by discussing questions from “Can I Ask That?” from Fuller Youth Institute, a Sticky Faith Curriculum.

SUNDAYS @ 6PM–8PM | C15 (Youth Room)

In Evening Youth Group, we will focus on the doors of friendship via lessons, visuals, and personal interactions.

Grow with us at Grantham Church
Grow with us at Grantham Church

Leadership opportunities are available for teens during the worship service to help oversee the leadership of children pre-K to 5th grade.

Various trips, activities and service projects are planned throughout the year, capped off with a missions trip each summer.


Youth Ministry makes a difference. 15 years ago, statistics showed that Christian youth stayed in school longer, were healthier, felt better about themselves, were more likely to volunteer their time to help others, and had better relationships with their parents.  Statistics today show that nearly six in ten (59%) young people who grow up in Christian churches end up walking away. We need to build relationships with the teens to help them understand and own their faith.

Do YOU want to make a difference in the life of a teen?

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Fall 2023
Fall 2023
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