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At Grantham Church we seek to deepen connections with God, the church and the world.

Service Opportunity

THURS, MAR 16 @ 12–6PM

We are excited to partner with the American Red Cross to host a blood drive on March 16 from 12 noon – 6:00 pm. We’ll be working together to give back to the community in a truly impactful way. Just one donation can save up to three lives and we invite you to join us in making a difference.

If you are interested in participating, please plan to register in advance. Visit and type “GranthamBIC” (no space)  in the search box on the left.

The Red Cross has been making a humanitarian impact for more than 130 years, and has been collecting blood for over 70 of those years. We can all be part of something important when we work with the Red Cross to strengthen the blood supply and give back to our community.

We hope to see you on March 16!

At Grantham Church we seek to foster and develop connections with God, the Church and the World.

We call this working the “triangle.”
We call this working the “triangle.”

Our hope is that each person will be nurturing their personal relationship with God, growing in community with other Christians, and living out their faith in the places where they are every day.

We’re also “working the spaces,” which helps us to grow in these connections.
We’re also “working the spaces,” which helps us to grow in these connections.

Service Opportunities

God has given everyone unique gifts, skills, passions, personalities, resources, and experiences. As part of the body of Christ, what we each contribute to the service of our church and in our community is special and necessary. Below is a survey with some areas of service within Grantham Church. Fill out the survey to let us know how you want to get involved!

Staying Connected

Grantham Church offers several avenues for connection and communication. Please look over the form below and mark any ways you would like to be connected to our larger church family!

Growing Together

As an intergenerational church, we desire to share our life experiences and learn and grow together. Each of us has unique gifts that God has given us to serve the church and world. There are many opportunities for spiritual growth, fellowship, and connection at Grantham Church.

How can we connect with you? What questions can we help answer?