Missions Sunday 2021 | November 7


While the pandemic has certainly made many things harder, it has not slowed God’s work in the world!

BIC U.S. World Missions has seen several new missionaries placed to posts around the world during these times. We have also seen a spotlight shone on inequities in our society at home and abroad. In times like these as followers we are called to show Christ’s love to friends, enemies, rich, poor, near, far and peoples of any belief or tribe.

Missions Sunday this year will feature a special combined Learning Community at 9:00 am in the fellowship hall with Melissa Stuebing, CEO of CoLaborers International about their work supporting locally-led organizations in several locations around the world. During our 10:30 am worship service, our message will be delivered by Christopher Freet who is support coordinator with BIC U.S. World Missions. Chris has served in pastoral ministries throughout Pennsylvania and is the author of A New Look at Hospitality as a Key to Missions (Energion Publications, 2014) which is volume 8 in the Aeropagus Critical Christian Issues series.

Please consider how the Spirit might lead you to contribute toward our ingathering offering goal this year.

Ingathering Offering Goal $10,000
50% Co-Laborers International
50% BIC Global Compassion Fund

* Ingathering Offering envelopes are available in the office and at our welcome centers.


Co-Laborers International assists indigenous-led community organizations in Zambia, India, and Costa Rica in their ministry to vulnerable women and children. Their goal is to share Christ’s love with those in need through sending trained interns/volunteers to run mobile schools in slums, to teach local health providers to use the “Literacy Free 12 Step Expressive Arts Therapy” developed by Co-Laborers for use with substance dependent people, to set up economic empowerment projects for women and child sponsorship for children, and to adapt to local needs as they develop. Co-Laborers provides training, mentoring and debriefing for many college students to use their developing skills in these settings while still students.


The BIC Global Compassion Fund exists to respond quickly as pressing needs arise around the world. In the last 5 years, it has provided immediate, life-giving resources to people in 12 countries, showing the love of Christ tangibly around the world. This support recently has included families in Northern Mozambique who are currently experiencing a growing food crisis which has been exacerbated by insurgent-led violence as well as funds to meet practical needs related to the COVID-19 pandemic in El Salvador, Mexico, the Navajo Nation, Spain, and beyond.

News From Our Missionaries

Due to the confidential nature of many of our missionaries, we no longer post their letters online. If you would like more information about the missionaries we support or to read their letters, please contact the church office. Thank you for supporting our missionaries.

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