Library at Grantham Church

We have a library at Grantham Church!

We have a wonderful assortment of books, including children’s books, young adult books, novels, books to promote personal and communal growth, commentaries, and reference books, as well as other resources to assist you as you travel on your spiritual journey!

Wondering if we have something in our library? Check out our online catalogue!

Your Privacy is Important

Do you ever hesitate to borrow something from a library because the topic of the item speaks to a very private need and you want to avoid the speculation of others? To help maintain your privacy, you may sign out an item as "Anonymous."

If you find you need it longer than the standard two-week loan period, we ask that you notify our librarian so she knows who to contact if someone else requests the item. At no time will your name be put on the sign-out card for anyone to see. Rest assured that your interest in the item will be kept confidential.

2024 Reading Challenge
God’s Guidance

The library offers a year-long Reading Challenge for people of all ages on a designated theme. For each four books read, the reader has a chance in a drawing at the end of the year for a $50 gift card from a Christian bookstore.

The 2024 Reading Challenge theme is “God’s Guidance.” To participate, you may browse the books on the Reading Challenge cart outside the library and/or read books from your own bookshelf or e-reader that give spiritual insights or examples of God’s calling or guidance. This challenge is for all ages (including pre-readers who have books read to them) and will continue until the end of December 2024.

Library Chat

The Library Book Chat meets to share informally about inspiring books, both fiction and nonfiction. When you have a book to present, contact Edie Asbury to set up a mutually agreeable time to meet, either by Zoom or in person, and other Book Chat participants will be invited to join the meeting. This is a great way to hear about what others are reading on their discipleship journey!

LEADER | Edie Asbury

Other Library Resources

Authors at Grantham Church

We are lucky to have a lot of gifted writers at our church! Many members of Grantham Church’s community have written books and articles, which you can access through the church library.

See Authors at Grantham

Large-Print Books

The church also has a wide selection of large-print books for those who have difficulty reading small print.

See Large-Print Books


If you have any questions please contact our church librarian, Edie Asbury.

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