Current Series | Fall 2022

Christ and Culture

As followers of Jesus, we are called to embrace his teachings and example, proclaim the truth of the gospel, and engage the world around us by embodying the good news. What does that look like today? The Scriptures are a guide in helping us to faithfully navigate an idolatrous world as the people of God. As we read the Bible, we can see that it takes a mixed view of all human cultures. While many elements of culture can be affirmed, we must avoid uncritically accepting aspects of culture without first examining them in light of Christ and the gospel. And since all cultures contain elements of darkness and light, our stance toward culture should be one of critical enjoyment and healthy suspicion. Therefore, as followers of Jesus, we must learn to contextualize the gospel and use cultural discernment as we live in the world as faithful disciples. We do this by entering the culture (affirming what we can), challenging the culture (confronting its idols and darkness), and then appealing to its listeners (offering a new narrative or story) by showing that Jesus and his good news dares us to imagine a better way. Join us this fall for a 7-part sermon series—Christ & Culture—where disciples of Jesus are invited to apply the gospel to every area of life as we seek to follow him in a fallen world.

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