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Grantham Care Teams

Here at Grantham Church we help to meet needs through our Care Teams ministry, which are made up of other members who are engaged in the life and mission of our congregation.

Do you have a specific need that we can help meet? Use the contact form below. Are you interested in joining a Care Team? See the team descriptions down below the contact form to learn more.

Use the contact form below or email us.

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Grantham Care Teams


Do you have a prayer need that you would like shared with over 200 people? To activate the prayer chain, please, send an email to, fill out a prayer request form, or call the church office at 717-766-0531 with details.

If you would like to receive prayer chain notices and support others in prayer, please contact the church office to be added to the distribution list.


Do you have a financial need? Do you need help with a utility bill, monthly rent, groceries, or some other basic need? We have a Benevolence Fund that is designated for helping congregants with these needs. Let us know if this team can assist you in alleviating financial burdens.


Are you in a difficult or challenging season of life? If you’ve recently experienced sickness, financial hardship, the loss of a loved one, or the birth of a child and could use some home-cooked meals to ease your burdens, this team utilizes to organize meals prepared by team members that can be arranged and delivered to your house.


Are you feeling isolated, lonely, or could just use a friendly visit from another brother or sister in Christ? Whether you’ve recently been hospitalized, widowed, or you’re a home-bound congregant, this team is willing to assist our pastors in making visits to hospitals and homes.


Do you have a transportation need? Occasionally people may need a ride to a medical appointment, picking up groceries, or getting to worship on Sunday. It could be a one-time trip or several trips. This team ensures that you get where you need to go.


Planning on moving locally and need some helping hands to load and unload? This team has equipment available and is able to help with household moves. The work is much easier and the burden lighter when we serve together. Let us know if you have a need or want to help.


Are you interested in preparing communion? If you’re engaged with our church family and regularly attend our Sunday morning worship services, you can help us prepare communion for our deacons to serve our congregation each month. Clean-up is also included in this task. If you’re interested, we can show you how it’s done and what all is involved in the process.


Would you like to help when there is a baptism at the creek or in our sanctuary? We baptize people 2-3 times a year. Assisting with baptisms involves some preparation before baptisms and light clean-up afterward (e.g., helping people in and out of the water, waiting with towels, washing & drying towels, preparing the baptistry, draining the baptistry, etc.).


Want to help serve at a special, once-a-year Maundy Thursday service? Traditionally, deacons organize the Maundy Thursday meal and assist with feet-washing before the worship service. This team will join with our deacons in coordinating and preparing a simple potluck meal, feet-washing (e.g., towels and basins), and communion for a smaller crowd, followed by clean-up.

Prayer Chain at Grantham Church

Do you have a prayer need that you would like shared with over 200 people? To activate the prayer chain, fill out the form below with the details.

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