Youth Ministry Volunteers

(to the tune of the Veggie Tales theme song):


If you like to talk to teenagers….

If a youth can make you smile….

If you’d like to play games like foosball

In the youth room for a while……


Have we got some Youth Ministry Volunteer opportunities for you!

Youth Ministry makes a difference

In 2005, statistics showed that Christian youth stayed in school longer, were healthier, felt better about themselves, were more likely to volunteer their time to help others, and had better relationships with their parents.

In 2016, statistics showed that nearly six in ten (59%) young people who grew up in Christian churches end up walking away.

In 2032, today’s middle schoolers will be teachers, nurses, counselors, managers, businessmen and women…influencers in society, and (we hope) the Church.

We need to build relationships with our teens to help them understand and own their faith today to prepare them to live out their faith into adulthood.


Do YOU want to make a difference in the life of a teen?


If you would like to contribute to the church in a tangible way by building up the next generation of Grantham Church, please see Chrissy Hoffner, Katie Gasaway, Jason Clarke or Becky Owen for more information.

Here are some ways you can volunteer:

Learning Community (Sunday AM)

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Youth Group (Sunday PM)

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Other Opportunities

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Upcoming Events
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