Holy Week

Palm Sunday
MARCH 24 @ 10:30am
Maundy Thursday
MARCH 28 @ 6pm
Good Friday
MARCH 29 @ 7pm
Easter Sunday
MARCH 31 @ 10:30am

Lent Sermon Series

Waging Peace
Waging Peace

At the beginning of Holy Week, Jesus looked out over Jerusalem and cried aloud, “If only you knew the things that make for peace.”  And then Jesus spends each day confronting injustice, calling out oppressors, and contending for peace.  But what if – despite our familiarity with the events of Holy Week – we have not fully understood or embraced how Jesus makes peace and calls us to do the same?  Join us for Lent as we journey with Jesus through Holy Week and discover anew why he is called the Prince of Peace, and what it looks like when we are waging peace like him.

Maundy Thursday Gathering

Fellowship Meal – Foot Washing – Communion

This is a special evening when our church family remembers Jesus’ last meal with his disciples before going to the cross. The word “maundy” comes from the Latin word for “command,” referring to the instructions Jesus gave his disciples at the Last Supper. He modeled servant-leadership through washing their feet, and he declared his body and blood broken and poured out for the forgiveness of sins.


What to expect:

  • Fellowship together over a simple meal
  • Learn about Jesus’ example of foot washing and participate (or watch) as each is comfortable
  • Share communion around the table together

Children have feet, too! They also have eyes and ears to take it all in. Please bring your family to explore and experience this evening together. Child-sized towel-aprons will be available for our smaller friends.

Can you help set up, bring food, host a table, or clean up?

Sign up here.


Good Friday

Join us for a Tenebrae service (Latin for “shadows”) as we remember Christ’s death on Good Friday. We’ll extinguish candles, sing songs of lament and hope, and read Scripture. Livestream will be provided.

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